Setting Up the Check In Kiosk [video]


To open the kiosk tap Check in kiosk in the left hand nav bar.


Note: the DYMO confirmation will only be displayed once you have installed the DYMO software.



The kiosk will open in a new tab, to make it more appropriate for the wider church and visitors to see it is a simplified screen. When the kiosk first opens it asks a few simple setup questions. First, select the meetings that should be available at this Kiosk (if this is for kids you can exclude adult meetings). If you don't need to print name tags then just tap start. Otherwise, if name tags or security tickets are needed, select the appropriate option. UCare supports printing from tablets and smartphones, so next you need to decide where you want to print labels.

You should always set up the computer that has the label printer connected first. To do this, select one of the DYMO label printers that are connected to this computer and enter a name for this computer. Use a name that is easy to recognize from other check in devices that you want to print from. 

Open the kiosk on the other devices (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.) that you also want to use for check in. Select the appropriate print option, and from the print to drop down select the name that you set up in the previous step. This device will now be able to print labels wirelessly to the other computer. You can connect as many devices like this as the label printer will practically handle, usage has shown that up to four extra devices works quite well.

Tip: To improve the speed that parents can check their children in, you may want to consider pre-printing name tags & security tickets. To do this, switch back to the main UCare interface and locate the group that you want to pre-print. On the Side panel you will see Print > Check in labels, open this and select a meeting then print. Now when parents arrive the name tags will be ready and they won't have to wait for labels to print. Arranging pre-printed labels on a board in alphabetical order can be an effective way to make it easy for parents to find their child's name tags.



Check in / out options

There are two options for checking in:

Manned check in - This should be used by staff or childrens volunteers, you can check people in and add or edit people's details. Manned check in has more options but will allow the user to access the rest of UCare, so should only be used by authorised people.

Self check in - This can be used by anyone as it doesn't allow access to anyone's details or the rest of UCare. It can only check people in though, people will still need to check out through a manned kiosk.



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