View and edit event ticket types [video]



Event ticket types can be found on the corresponding event's page. Some examples of ticket types you may want are: General admission, VIP, Dietary Requirements, Under 12s, restricted mobility, or even Section A, B, C, D, etc if your event is being held at a larger venue.

Sold displays how many tickets of this ticket type have been sold and the total amount charged, likewise refunded displays how many tickets of this ticket type have been refunded and the total amount refunded. Finally "Checked in" displays the total number of people from this ticket type who have been checked in by having their ticket scanned.

Tip: When tickets are free people often don't turn up for events making it hard to manage seating levels. A simple answer to this problem is to charge a small amount for tickets and then refund the tickets at the end of night. You may even suggest to attendees on the night that not refunding their tickets is an easy way to give towards the event. The refund progress bar makes it easy for you to keep track of how many tickets have been refunded.


Side panel

The side panel is displayed on the right hand side of the page, if you are viewing on device with a small screen such as a tablet or phone you can access it by tapping 

The side panel includes extra options, tasks and fields. Hovering or tapping the image will display options to change, edit or delete the image and on many newer tablets and phones you will be able to change the image using the camera. This image will be used to create tickets, 2000 pixels by 700 pixels is a good image size for.

The options include sending all people who have booked tickets an email message, or merging this ticket type with another of this event's ticket types. This can be useful if you need to close a ticket type without losing the bookings.

If you are an admin you will also so Latest activity, if you tap this you will be able to see the people that have viewed this and all the changes that have been made. 



You can add extra fields if you need to collect extra information for each booking, for example you may need to know dietary requirements or if the ticket if for a children's event you may need to know the child's name, birthday and also ask parent liability consent. The following type of fields can be added:

  • Name: a person's name
  • Email: an email address
  • Phone: a phone number
  • Gender: a person's gender
  • Birthday: a person's birthday
  • Date: some other date
  • Text: a single line of text
  • Paragraph text: one or more lines of text
  • Choose from a list: a list of options to choose from
  • Checkboxes: one or more checkbox options

If a field is required then the booking form cannot be submitted until valid info is entered. If the name field is left blank then the field type will be used for the field label, otherwise enter a label and any possible instructions. A default value can also entered and will be prefilled each time the form is viewed.

Tip: If you want bookings to relate to a person on UCare then make sure you add a name field and an email or phone field. That way if the details match an existing person the ticket will be linked to them and if not a new person will be created.

Note: If you need to edit or reorder fields you must remove the current fields that need changing and then add new fields in the order that you want them displayed.

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