Sending email [video]


Learn how to create and send an email to one or more people, also see the extra options that are available when creating an email.



At the top of the screen tap + New and then tap Email in the menu.


Sending email that is anti-spam compliant and looks great is super easy with UCare. Select a template, the recipients and attachments then you're ready to send. 

Customizing email for each recipient with their name or other detail is also easy using the Insert menu. UCare will take care of the rest and fill in the fields for each recipient.

Note: If a person has only been given permission to create email but not send it, then instead of seeing a send button they will see a list of people who they can ask to review and send the email.




UCare uses markdown for formatting email messages, this allows simplified formatting options that wont cause problems with spam filters. If you enable the "Display preview side by side" then you can preview the email as recipients will see it.

You can also use a tool like Bee Free if you want to create an advanced email design. Enable the "Enter HTML code instead of markdown formatting" option and then copy and paste the HTML code. The side by side preview come in handy when using this option.

Note: Email templates are used to create a consistent design for all email sent through UCare. If you have some HTML skills then visit Settings to customize your own designs or contact support for help.

Tip: The To field can have multiple people, households, group, meetings or events selected.

Tip: Use the Send at a later date option to queue your messages so they automatically send at a specified time.

Tip: Use the mobile preview link above the message preview to see what the message will look like on a mobile device.

Tip: "Update link" is a special insert field that will insert a link to a form that will let a person update their name, birthday, contact info and address. If they have anyone listed as their child who is under 16 years old then they will also be able to update their details.

Tip: If you grab the share link from a custom form then the recipient will have their info prefilled in to form so they can quickly update the info. Use this option if you like the "Update link" but want to collect additional info.

Tip: If you send an email to a meeting only the people who attended will receive the message, absent people will not. If you need to contact everyone in the meeting then send the message to the group instead.



After you preview a message the recipient's tab will display a number indicating how many message will be sent. You may also see a message in red indicating if any of your expected recipient's won't receive the message.

View the Recipients tab to see exactly why each person will or wont receive a message. When two or more people share an email address the message is sent to that address only once, this is to stop the email otherwise landing in the recipients spam folder. Other common reasons people wont receive a message are missing or invalid email address, unsubscribed or the last email bounced.


Do not email

Under the Do not email section you can add any group to ensure that group's members don't receive your email message. If you want to remove a group from this list simply tap the ... options menu and tap Stop excluding members of this group.

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