Add an event [video]


Tap New and then tap Event as shown, if you're using a phone then you may need to first tap 



Manage ticketing for your events both large and small. UCare processes payments, and helps you keep in contact with event attendees via SMS or email.

The location entered for Where will be displayed as a link on the event booking page, tapping it will open Google maps so that people can get directions.

The visibility determines how events are displayed on the published events list. Hidden events aren't displayed while published and featured are, featured events are always displayed at the top of the list. 

The event description should include basic event information, if you need to include more detailed information such as information about a children's program then add it to the detailed description. The detailed description will only be displayed on the event booking page not in the published events list.

The booking confirmation message will be displayed on the booking confirmation page and in the confirmation email, both will include a link to download the attendees tickets while the email will include an invoice of the booking (for Australian churches this will be a tax invoice). You can choose to not send the email though if you are charging for tickets this is recommended.

If charging for tickets you should add your tax and contact information, this will be added to the invoices UCare sends with booking confirmation emails.

The promotional picture will be displayed next to the event on the published event list and on the event booking page, it can be any size you like and will be resized by UCare as needed.

Note: While terms are optional they are recommended if you are charging for tickets, attendees must agree to terms before their payment will be accepted. Contact support for an example of the terms you may want to include.

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