Self Check In [video]


Learn how to use the self-check-in option in the check-in kiosk to allow families to check their family in and print name tags.



When setting up a check-in kiosk, you can select the self-check-in option to allow regular attenders to check themselves while ensuring they can't get access to the rest of UCare and any private information.

To check-in, they first search for their household by entering at least the last four digits of their phone number, or they can scan a barcode or key tag.



Below you can see that the Smith household has been selected, and the appropriate meetings have been selected for each person. In this case, Anna isn't here, and John has already been checked in. A note has also been added for Jess about her peanut allergy, and this will be printed on her name tag.

A note can be added here such as who picked up the child when the Export > All people report is used later on this information will be included and may be necessary if there was a child safety situation that needs to be reported to authorities or to help improve check out procedures for your church.

Note: Only meetings that are within 90 minutes of the current time will be displayed.

Tip: "Group member" is displayed under meetings that are for groups that person is a member of, this can be a quick way to work out which meeting a person should be checked in to. In this example, Jess is a member of the 1-5yrs group and Patrick the 6-12 yrs group, making it quick to see which meeting each should attend. If a visitor visits the same group 3 times within 60 days, they will automatically become a group member.

Tip: You can suggest to parents that they stick the security ticket to their clothes, so they don't lose it. If they, unfortunately, do misplace the security ticket, then it is suggested that you either call the other parent or, if not known, have them fill out an incident report. Delaying the checkout process will encourage the parent not to lose their security ticket in the future.

Note: To ensure the safety of children, you can't check people out with the self-check-in option. Instead, church staff or kids volunteers need to use the maned check-in option. Also, unlike assisted check-in, people and households cannot be added or edited in self-check-in.

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