View and edit service teams


Service teams are used to manage the teams involved in a service, the required positions and the people assigned to those positions.


Add service teams

When a service is first created no teams are assigned to that service, if you haven't created the teams that are needed for the service then Add a team. Once the teams are all created go to the service teams tab and link to the required teams. As you add teams a heading will appear for each team.


Manage positions and assigned people

Tap a team heading to add a required position to that team. Each position can have required skills added, these skills are used later to automatically assign team members who have matching skills. It also help team leader and service owners in a rush you aren't 100% sure of each person abilities. Tap the ... next to a position to view the delete option.

After a position is added it will have a plus + button to the right, tap on this if more than one person is required for that position. Each assigned person is listed under a position, if no one is assigned then service owners and team leaders can assign a person. Tap the .., next to a person to remove or edit the assigned person.



Send email notifications

When a person is first assigned to a position there is a grey circle around their picture, this circle changes to yellow after notifications are sent. The circle then changes to green when a person accept the assignment or red if they decline.

You can send notification emails by tapping the email icon next to a team or position. Tapping the email icon next to the team will send an email to all assigned team members who haven't been notified yet. Tapping the email icon next to a position will only send the email to the people assigned to that position who haven't been notified yet.

People who accept, don't respond to the notification or who aren't notified will be sent a reminder two days before each service time. For example they may get an email notification Tuesday about rehearsal on Thursday. They may then also get an email Friday about the services at 9am and 5pm Sunday.



When sending the notification message you’ll see a recipients tab for reviewing who will receive the message. People who have had email bounce or who don’t have an email address will be highlighted in red.

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