Sync Church Metrics


Each metric type that you add here will be kept in sync with a category in Church metrics so that you can create custom dashboards.

When you first try to access this page you will be asked for your Church Metrics email address and API key, you can find the API key on your user settings page in Church Metrics.



Once you add the API key  the sync options will display, you can click the gear icon in the top right of the page to update the API key when your Church Metrics users change.



Where to find your Church Metrics API Key

To find your Church Metrics API Key, first log in to Church Metrics. If you do not have a Church Metrics account, you can sign up for free.

Next, open your Church Metrics profile page by tapping your name in the top right of Church Metrics, then tap Profile. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your API Key as shown below. You can copy then paste it in the UCare Sync Center.



Adding metrics

There are four metric types that you can sync. Meeting attendance syncs the number of people who are checked-in to a meeting in UCare. Meeting stats are custom stats that you add to your meetings, allowing you to track head counts, contribution totals, salvations and more. Group members simply syncs the number of members that are in a group. Lastly Group visitors syncs the number of visitors to a group.

When adding a metric first enter a descriptive name, then select the group you want to sync the stats from, for example the Church: Regulars group. Next select one of the four metric type that you want to sync.

Note: If you are syncing one of the meeting metric types then the time of the meeting in UCare needs to match the time of the selected Church Metrics Service Time. This also means the timezone of the person who created the meeting in UCare also needs to match that of the service in Church Metrics.

Finally select the Church Metrics Category that you want to sync to and then tap Save. Metrics from the last two years will initially be synced. After that changes will be synced every five minutes.



Stop the syncing of a metric

To stop syncing a metric simply tap the ... options menu and then tap Delete.


Church metrics examples




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