Sync Mailchimp


Each group that you add here will be kept in sync with an audience in Mailchimp.

If a group member has their name or email changed, the corresponding Mailchimp contact will be updated. When a person is added to a synced group, UCare will add them to the corresponding Mailchimp audience. Likewise, if the person is removed from a group, UCare will remove them from the Mailchimp audience.

Updates also come from Mailchimp; if you update contacts in the corresponding audience in Mailchimp, then UCare will reflect those updates within a minute.

To stop syncing a group, tap the ... options menu and then tap Delete.

Note: Because of some limitations in Mailchimp, UCare can only sync normal groups (i.e. not search groups). To work around this limitation, you can create a normal group and add all the people from the search group as members. You can then sync the new group to Mailchimp.

Note: When you first try to access this page you will be redirected to Mailchimp where you will be asked to sign in and also grant access to UCare. If you don't already have a Mailchimp account, create a new account and then go to the Mailchimp sync page in UCare again. Once you authorize UCare you will return to the UCare Mailchimp sync page.


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