View and edit service plans


Service plans are used to manage your order of service and service length.


Add service items

You can tap one of the plan heading (e.g. Before, During or After Service) to add a new item to the end of the relative section. Alternatively; hover over existing service items and a green plus will appear, tapping it will add a new item at that location.

Tapping on the item title (e.g. "Welcome") will open the item so that you can edit or delete it.

Tip: If your mouse is over the top of an existing item then the green plus button will appear above the item your mouse is over, as you move your mouse to the bottom half of an item then the green plus button will appear below that existing item.



Reorder items

As the mouse moves over a plan item a "handle" will appear on the left side of that item, tap and drag the item "handle" to reorder the item. A blue line will appear to show where the item is being moved to.


Edit or remove service items

Items have a title, duration (minutes : seconds), time slot (before, during or after service) and description. The title is used to name the item in the service plan. Time slot can be used to move the item to a different section of the service plan.

Description can also include notes for each team to follow.

If you want to delete an item click the trash can icon in the bottom right.



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