Browse forms


To browse forms tap Forms in the left hand nav bar.


This will display all forms, grouped by the form type. If you pick another type from the drop down it will update the list of forms, the drop down shows how many forms there are.

If you check the boxes to the left of each form you'll get the following bulk action options:

Change form type...: Change the type of the selected forms.
Change form owner...: Change the owner of the selected forms.
Change form visibility...: Change the visibility of the selected forms, from hidden; to published; to featured.
Duplicate selected forms: Create a duplicate of each of the selected forms.
Delete selected forms: Delete all the selected forms.

Tip: If you open each form in a new tab then you will be able to keep your place in the list as you browse through forms. You can open forms in a new tab by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) before clicking on the form.



Share published forms

On the top right of the Forms page you can find a button to Share published forms.

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