View forms


Forms are just like their paper based equivalent: they help ensure all the required info is collected. This can be used to help keep track of connecting new people, staff leave requests, leadership development, marriage preparation and more.

You can add new form responses or you can collect responses by embedding forms on your website or in your church app. When a form is embedded on a website or in an app it only displays the form questions, i.e the rest of UCare is not available.

The top right commands includes options to share the form on your website or church app, to duplicate copy of the form along with the standard edit, delete and add a task options.




The reports tab will let you generate a tabular list of responses in CSV format or on page. Select a date range to include only responses in that range or leave it blank to include all responses.




The history tab displays all the people that have viewed this form and all the changes that have been made.

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