Browse processes


To browse processes tap Processes in the left-hand navbar.


This will display all processes, grouped by process type. If you pick another process type the list of processes will update. The process type drop-down shows how many processes there are of each type.

A filter button is located under the right side of the process type drop-down. Tapping this will pop open extra options to filter the list of processes.

If you check the boxes to the left of each process you'll get the following bulk action options:

Change process type...: Change the type of the selected processes.
Change process owner...: Change the owner of the selected processes.
Change process restrictions...: Change which security areas are applied to the selected processes.
Duplicate selected processes: Create a duplicate of each of the selected processes.
Delete selected processes: Delete all the selected processes.

Tip: If each process is opened in a new tab then you will be able to keep your place in the list as you browse through processes. You can open processes in a new tab by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) before clicking on the process.


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