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Once you've created a store, it's time to start adding the products that can be purchased. To do this, view the products tab for the store you want to add the product to, then tap New product. You can create products for audio and another digital download, your cafe, or books from your resource center. If you are unsure how to add a different type of product, please contact support so we can help.

In this example, the product is being added to the Resources store in the Book category and is named by the book title.

Visibility determines how products are displayed in the online store. Hidden products aren't displayed, though you can view them when creating an order within UCare. Published and featured products are displayed alphabetically, with featured products always displayed first.

One of the taxes listed in tax settings needs to be selected. If you don't need to charge tax, then use the "No tax" option.

If you enable the Requires shipping, when it comes time for the person ordering to pay, they will also be asked for their shipping address.

If the product you are selling is a physical item, you can disable the "Don't track stock" option; otherwise, enter the number you have in stock. When all items are sold, the product will display that it is now out of stock. If you don't want to track stock, then enable "Don't track stock."

A product can have one or more images; the first image represents the product in the store. When a product is clicked on to display the details, the other images will be displayed. Tapping on each image will zoom in on it.

Likewise, a product can have one or more downloads associated with it. These are normally audio files but can be any type of digital file you desire. When products that can be downloaded are ordered, the order confirmation email will include links to download the files.

Note: We have a fair use policy when distributing digital files. If you are uploading large videos, they will take up a lot of bandwidth. If you receive huge numbers of orders for a video download, we may block those products. Contact support to find out if you will hit any limits.

Tip: You need to save a product before you can add download files.

Tip: Scan a unique barcode for each product to make it quick to look up the product at check out kiosks using a barcode scanner.



Once a product has been saved, you have the option to add and remove images and digital downloads, but you must add at least one detail. Details are how you specify the different pricing options for a product. We are specifying just two detail to set the book price for hardcover and softcover versions in this example.

A more advanced example would be for coffee. Add a detail with Type=Size, Name=Small and set it as an Option, then add a similar detail with Name=Regular. The product order page will display the label Size with a drop-down containing the options Small and Regular.

You could then add another detail with Type=Sweetener, Name=Raw Sugar and set it as an Extra instead of an option. The product order page would then allow the person to enter the quantity of raw sugar they want.

You may also want to add Extras or your other types of sweeteners and Options for the different types of available milk.




The top right of the order page has several commands.

You'll first see the Share button. Clicking this button will display the Share options.

Next is the Duplicate button. Clicking this will create an exact copy of this product. This is useful if you need to add a similar product to an existing product as you won't need to enter all the information. Instead, you can just duplicate and change the details that differ.

The standard Edit, Delete and Add task commands are also found under the ... button.



If you are an admin, the history tab displays all the people who have viewed this product and all the changes. For non-admins, the history tab show's all your updates to the product.


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