Add a process [video]


At the top of the screen tap + New and then tap Process in the menu.


Learn how to create a process to help track people through a process and to automate parts of the process.



Processes let you track people through each step of a process; and you can add automated actions to each of those steps. You can change a process as you need, but you may find it easier if you start with a piece of paper and map out each step of the process and how it will be used.

Each step of a process can have a person who is responsible, this person is assigned a task when a new person is added to a step.

If you can choose to make a step due immediately then any assigned person will receive notification as soon as the person is added to that step of the process. Otherwise assigned people will receive a summary email containing a list of all people assigned to them at 8am each day. If they have no people due then they won't be sent this email.

Once a person's due date is reached you can choose to leave the person in that step of the process or you can automatically move them to another step. For example you could set up an email drip campaign as a process and have it move people through each step every 2 days. As it does each step can send an email message.

Tip: You can't remove a step if there is a person currently in the step, remove the people from the step first and then you'll be able to remove the step.

Tip: When editing a process as you hover over each step a drag handle will appear on the left. You can then click and drag the handle up or down to reorder the step. A blue line will appear to indicate where the step will be moved to.

Tip: When editing a process as you hover over each step a green add button will appear on the left. You can the green add button to insert a new step at that position.



Each step of a process can have one or more associated actions, the actions will be performed every time a person is added to that step of the process.

These are the possible actions that can be added:
Complete / Remove the person from this process - People moved to a step with this action will start to fade out after about 15 seconds until they disappear.
Add the person to a group - add the person to the specified group.
Remove the person from a group - remove the person from the specified group.
Add the person to a meeting - add the person to the specified meeting.
Add the person to a process - add the person to another process.
Add more detail to the person's profile - add a "more details" to the person's profile. For example if the step represents that a person is now a church member, then use this action to add a more info named Status with a detail of Member. This "more detail" can then be used with a search group to find people who are listed as members.
Add the current date to the person's profile - add the current date to the person's profile, the date could be a course completion date. For example it may be the date they complete the marriage preparation course.
Send the person an email - as the name says this will send the person an email message, the message can be delayed a certain number of hours or days. If this process is connected to a form then delaying the email can help ensure the message doesn't seem automated. For example you have a new person form that adds a person to the new person process, use the delay option to send the email later. Use the Insert menu when writing the message to add a merge field like the person's name.
Send the person an SMS - this will send an SMS message to the person. For this to work SMS needs to be configured and the person's mobile number must be listed on their profile. Like email you can choose to send the message immediately or delay it to send later.
Create a task for another person - create a task for another team member relating to this person. When the task is created an email will be sent to the team member to notify them that there is something to do.
Add the person to planning center - if you have sync'd UCare with Planning Center this will add the person to your planning center account so that you can start scheduling them.
Archive this person - archives the person's profile so that you aren't being charged for them.
Delete this person - delete's the person's profile.

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