View people's notes


On the group notes report, you will see all the notes recorded after a selected date; you can also enter one or more tags to only display notes with those tags.

You can also select to view notes created by a particular person and which Security Area the note is restricted to. For example, you could view all the protected notes created by a member of the counseling team. If you don't select "Include unrestricted," then notes that weren't restricted will not be included.

An email and phone number will be displayed for each person so that you can quickly contact them.

You can also edit or add notes to a person in the report, because of this we include the "People > Without notes" option so that people without notes can have notes added as part of the report.

Tip: When adding notes to a person's profile, tag the note Youth (or whatever ministry you need), then use that tag with the group notes report to view only the relevant Youth notes.


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