Share published groups to your website or app


To share the list of published groups, at the top right of the groups' page, tap the Share Published Groups list button.

The list of published groups can be added to your website or church app.

Tip: Many churches use the campus name as the group type; this way, they can select a specific campus in the Display types field. The web team can then add a different group list to the section of their website appropriate for each campus.


Email and Facebook

The "Email and Facebook" link allows you to share a link to the list of published groups quickly.


Web & App

The web code can be added to your website to integrate the list of published groups with your website's design. This way, you can publish groups in UCare and have them show up on your website within a minute.

The JavaScript version is a little more sophisticated as it will automatically adjust the height of the list as needed, so you don't get scroll bars. The Iframe version, on the other hand, may display scroll bars if the list is longer than the Iframe height. We recommend the Javascript code, but some website creation tools will not allow you to use JavaScript; if this is the case, then use the Iframe version.

Note: Depending on the service you use to build your church app, you may need to need to use the Email link or JavaScript code options to embed a form in your church app.



While the design of the list of published groups is consistent with the rest of UCare, this may not fit with the colors and fonts used on your website. If so, a custom CSS file can be specified to alter the design of the form; you will need the help of someone with CSS skills to create a customized design.

Tip: You can upload the CSS file to a service like Dropbox. UCare does not hotlink the CSS file but instead downloads a copy every five minutes. This makes it easy for you to edit the CSS design, and the changes will be reflected on the form within five minutes.


Published groups list

Here is an example of a published group list that has been added to a website; only groups that have the visibility of Featured or Published will display. Featured groups will always display at the start of the list. You can enter as much or as little information in each group's description. You can also add More details to your groups; here, you can see details for Age, Gender, Suburb, and time are creating drop down filters at the top of the page. When someone searches by keyword, it searches the group description.

Here we can see Contact group leader buttons so people can contact the leaders of the groups they are interested in. This lets you publish up-to-date group information without risking making group leaders private contact information visible on the internet.


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