Contactless attendance tracking using QR code


Do you need to track staff and visitors are in the office during the week? Or do you want to provide a quick way for people to easily check-in and out of weekend services using just their smartphone?

This article explains how to set up a group to enable a self-serve contactless check-in experience.

Make your group shareable

The first thing you will need to do is change your group visibility so that it's not hidden; this will enable the share button in the top right. "Accessible via a share URL" is the minimum visibility level you can select to be able to share the group.



Enable meeting checkout

If you haven't already, create a meeting for the group. To allow people to check out when they leave, ensure you enable "Record check in & check out times".

Note: If this is a meeting for daily staff and volunteer check-in then change the repeat option to "In a day", for weekend services you probably want to change repeats to "In a week".



Print the group QR code

The last step of the set up is to print the group QR code. Go back to the group and click the share button found at the top right of the group page. On a mobile device, this may be located under the ... menu.

Click "Download QR code image" and then print the image. You may also want to laminate the QR code before placing at a location where people can scan the QR code and check-in.




You're now ready to have people check-in. To test this, open the camera on your smartphone and point it at the QR code. A message will appear on the screen and when tapped, will open the group check-in.

Note: If the group has multiple meetings for today, then the person checking in will be prompted to select which meeting they are checking in to.



The person checking-in can enter a phone number or email address. If you are using a check-in station, then the person can also scan an RFID key tag. If the detail entered matches an existing profile, then that person and other members of their household are listed. Tap "Join" and the selected people will be checked-in..



Checking-in new people

If the detail entered doesn't match any existing profiles, the person gets the option to register. After completing the registration form, all the people registered will be checked-in.



Customise the registration form

If desired, the registration form can be customised. You can either edit the "Published Meeting: Register" form or go to Settings > Forms and select a registration form of your creation.




If you enabled the "Record check in & check out times" for the check-in meeting, then people can scan the QR code again to open the check-out page on their phone. This time, the search field will be pre-populated with contact detail that they used for check-in.



To checkout, tap "Search" and then "Leave".


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