Viewing and adding tasks


Tasks are a great way to improve the level of care your team can provide to people, whatever their needs. Tasks can be assigned to any profile on UCare and can relate to not just to people but for any item in UCare, for example, a group. Email reminders are sent when tasks are created and when they are due to help ensure tasks get done.

If you assign a task to someone who doesn't have access to UCare then they will be able to tap the Complete button in the email notification, enter a message and when they tap save the message will be sent to the person who created the task.

On the dashboard, your tasks for the next 7 days (including overdue tasks) are displayed. You can view all tasks by tapping the notification bell in the top right next to the help icon. The number of tasks that are assigned to you is displayed over the bell icon so that you can always see how many tasks you have assigned.



The tasks page will initially show all the tasks that are assigned to you, this is both normal tasks and process tasks. Process tasks have the process icon displayed on the right while normal tasks have a checkmark icon displayed. Process tasks need to be completed from the process page but normal tasks can be completed from the task list, just tap the checkmark icon and then tap complete, you can optionally include a message that will be sent to the person who created the task.

To see tasks that you or someone else has assigned to other people change the Show all filter.

You can tap the ... options button next to a task to edit or delete. Edit will allow you to reassign or change the due date. Alternatively, you can check the box next to multiple tasks, then tap the Actions menu to change the due of the selected tasks or bulk reassign, useful if you are going on leave.

If you update the assigned person or due date for a task that you didn't create then an email is sent to the person that created the task to let them know.

Note: You must have Admin privileges to view other people's tasks, you can also view all tasks by tapping anyone next to Assigned to.




You can subscribe to your tasks so that you receive reminders on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Tapping subscribe calendar button in the top right of the tasks page should open it in your calendar, here are two articles that help with adding your tasks to Google calendar or calendar.


Creating tasks

Every item page includes tasks, if there are tasks for the item you are viewing then you will see a bell icon with a number in the top right-hand corner, tap this to view and update tasks. If there is no bell icon you will need to tap the ... options menu and then tap Add tasks.


To add a task to the list tap the Tasks heading and enter the task description. Optionally pick a person to assign the task too and when it is due. You can also choose to have the task repeat daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly if this is something that needs to happen regularly. And don't worry about the task getting missed, each time the task repeats a new email will be sent.

Tip: If this task is related to a sensitive pastoral care matter then restrict access to it so that only the appropriate people can see it.

Tip: The due date will display a picker that you can choose a date from, alternatively you could type the date. It recognizes simple phrases like "5 pm tomorrow" or "9 am next Wednesday".


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