Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are considered active?

People who are a member of a public group in UCare are considered active. Any person that is recorded as having attended three or more times in 60 days also becomes active.


Q: How do you make archived people active?

Given the above definition of active, the easiest way to change an archived person to active is by adding them to a public group. For example, the Church: regulars group.


Q: Can you help set up our account?

Yes! Our implementation specialists are available to those on the Growth and Lighthouse editions. Book a call to find out more.


Q: Can you help migrate our data?

Yes! Our team has several tools to help migrate more of your data to UCare. Please contact our support team, who are happy to help.


Q: Can I import custom fields?

Yes! You can import as many custom fields as you need; you can even give your users the ability to create custom fields on the fly if you want.


Q: Where is data stored?

Your data is stored as close to you as possible; this can be important to ensure that your data is governed by to laws of your country. We currently have two locations in the United States, two in Europe and two in Australia.


Q: Do you provide training?

Absolutely! We want to do everything we can to make sure you understand how to use UCare and use it the best you can. After all, if no one can use it, what good is it? Book a call to find out more.


Q: Do you have phone support?

Phone support packages are available for churches on the Growth or Lighthouse editions; Book a call to find out more.


Q: Can I cancel my account?

Do you need to pause your account, or are you looking to end your subscription? Book a call, and one of our experts will call to ensure you have everything you need.

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