New Date & Time picker


The date & time picker now uses a design like a calendar. The headings allow you to more easily pick a date on the correct day of the week — for example, Sunday.

You can still type dates, as you always have been able. Example being, "tomorrow", "Next Wednesday", "1 Jan 2021", "2020-12-31".

Note: iOS and Android users will only see this date picker if no year is allowed, for example, on a person's profile. Otherwise, iOS and Android use the standard Date & Time pickers.



Picking the correct year should now be much faster as you can browse through the years feaster than before.

Here you can see that the no year option is allowed. If allowed, the "? no year" option is always displayed next to the currently selected year for quick selection.



If you need to enter a date & time, then click on time at the bottom to jump straight to time selection.



When selecting a time, the scrollbars are hidden until you hover over the hour or minute column. You can then scroll up and down to find the correct time. Note that the scrollbars are always visible on touch-capable devices (e.g., a laptop with a touch screen).


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