Event Registration Cancellation Automation


Since COVID-19 restrictions came into place, requirements on churches and individuals have changed weekly and even daily. Meaning, your people who had registered to attend found themselves in situations where they can no longer attend, for example, they had to isolate, they had a sick child, or something else.

For people looking to do the right thing and free up their ticket, they would need to call or email your church to cancel their booking.

Many times cancelation would be needed the night before, meaning the registration couldn't be canceled soon enough to make spots available to other people. Some churches also told us they simply didn't have staff available to handle the request at the end of the week.

Now on free event registrations, cancellation links are included and can be found in the event confirmation email.

In the image below a "Cancel" link is listed next to each ticket allowing individual tickets to be canceled. At the bottom of the list of tickets, the "Cancel this booking" link allows the entire booking to be canceled.


Note: Cancelation links are not available for paid events, your people still need to call or email, and you can choose if they are refunded.

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