Layout improvements for phones & tablets


We regularly hear from our customers that they appreciate that our mobile apps allow them to view the same info and access the same features available on larger devices. We also realize that phones & tablets have smaller screens, less processing power, and less battery than laptops & desktops.

To accommodate both of these aspects, we have updated the layout of pages on mobile devices. The change is most notable on the profile page, where you will now see that only the notes section is visible. In contrast, previously, contact info, more info, relationships, groups, and more were all visible simultaneously.



Rest assured that all the information is still available. To view it, tap on the blue Notes heading and select the information you want to view.



You will also note that most dropdown controls and hidden sections now use the same "fly in from the right" style.


These changes improve the battery life of your device and the speed of the app. It also makes it easier to navigate with one hand, a typical interaction style on phones. All while still allowing you to access the same information available on higher-powered devices with larger screens.

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