Add a person


At the top of the screen tap + New and then tap Person in the menu.


When adding a person you need to select a household to add them too. A household is just like a real life household, and adding this info will help you gain a better understanding of people's family unit. A household can contain a single person, a group of young singles, newlyweds, mom; dad and three kids, in fact however their family is structured you can add them to the right household.

After a household is added you will be able to enter the new person's details, and if their household has already been added then you can select it from the household field. Once you've done this you can fill in all the other details that you know, you need to enter their first and last name at least. If you are using a tablet or phone tapping the photo button will let you take a picture.

Tip: If the last item you viewed was another person's profile then their household will be selected by default, make sure this is the household you want to add the new person to.



More details 

If you tap More details you'll see the following extra options, this lets you add the person to groups or processes, assign a barcode that will help you check them in quickly later on or enter any info you want to always print on their name tag. You can enter a Location or Campus, this will be listed under the More details section of their profile. You can also choose to restrict who can see their profile or assign them to a church campus.




Import and duplicates 

If the details of the person you have entered is a possible duplicate of existing profiles then you will see a list those possible duplicates on right, this will include deleted people which makes it easy to undelete people and get back all the info you had prior to deletion of their profile.

Also on the right there is a link to the Import people page that will allow you to import multiple people from a spreadsheet.


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