Changing payment settings


At the top right of the screen, tap on your name and tap Settings in the menu, then tap Payments on the settings page.


Settings for payments allow you to configure one or more payment services for processing credit card payments. For Australian churches, this also includes direct debit payment options.

UCare uses payment services to process payments for event registrations, store purchases, and digital giving.

UCare is PCI compliant, meaning that the safety of how credit card information is stored is verified to conform with the PCI data security standard annually.

Tip: If your church has campuses in multiple countries, then add additional payment services to receive payments in the currencies used by each country.



Payment security 

If you are using one of the payment services for online payments, then you should configure an SSL certificate for your website. SSL certificates are used to encrypt all info that is sent to UCare. If payment is made on a public network, hackers could be watching their internet requests. Having SSL encrypt the info means hackers can't decode the info (e.g., credit card info) sent to our servers.



Stripe is an American company that processes credit card payments for organizations around the world. Stripe is an integrated solution meaning you need to purchase an SSL certificate to secure your website for payments. 

To enable Stripe, add a new payment service, select the Stripe service, and then tap "Connect with Stripe." This will redirect you to Stripe to ask if you want to grant permission for UCare to connect. After you agree, you are returned to UCare payment settings.


When you return to UCare, your stripe account has been selected. You can now edit the service and select the currency and culture used to format currency amounts.

Note: For Australian churches, a direct debit option is available and enabled by default. Instead of a credit card, the direct debit option allows people to pay using their BSB and bank account number.

Tip: If you want to receive payments for different Stripe accounts, add another Stripe payments service. In this way, you could, for example, set up an account for your youth ministry, and when you create events for the youth ministry, select the Youth payment service. Alternatively, you could add a payment service for the Stripe for each church campus.


See below for more info on configuring PayPal and email options for this payment service.



PayPal is an American company that processes credit card payments for organizations around the world. PayPal is a hosted solution meaning you don't need to purchase an SSL certificate to secure your website for payments. A drop in the percentage of successful payments is often seen when using PayPal because of the redirect. You should use PayPal together with Stripe.

The PayPal option can be enabled separately or in addition to the other Payment services. It provides an alternative payment method for people that don't have a credit card. PayPal can also link to a person's bank so they can pay from their bank account.

You may already have a PayPal account making this the quickest option for getting started with receiving payments. You'll need to enter the email address associated with your church PayPal account and select the currency you want to receive payment.



Payment email

Each payment service includes payment email settings. Enter a message to include in payment confirmation emails when using the respective payment service. You should also add your tax and contact information added to invoices that UCare sends with payment confirmation emails.


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