View and edit households


Keeping people together in households helps you gain a better understanding of any given family, whether they're single, a group of young singles, newlyweds, or mom; dad and three kids, in fact however their family is structured you can add them to the right household. A household's home phone, residential and postal address only needs to be updated once and keeping everyone together helps simplify mail delivery.


Tip: Tap View map under the residential address to view a map and get directions.

Tip: If you hover or tap the household icon you'll be able to either upload or capture a photo for the household. The photo can then be used in printed directories.


The top right commands includes the following options depending on your access level. These options may be displayed under the ... options button if you are using a device with a small screen:



If you check the boxes to the left of people's names you'll get the following bulk action options when you click the Actions menu:

Add selected people to...: Add the selected people to another group, meeting or process.
Archive - remove from all public groups: Remove the selected people from all public groups so they aren't getting charged for.
Add a note...: Add a note to all the selected people.
Move group members...: Move the selected people between groups, this is often used for grade promotions.
Change a date....: Add, remove or rename a date for the selected people.
Change a more detail...: Add, remove or rename a more detail for the selected people. If you are using more details for storing grade information then the rename detail option can be used for grade promotions.
Change household...: Move the selected people to a new household, this is useful if you need to move adult children to a new household or in cases of divorce.
Change restrictions...: Add or remove security area restrictions for the selected people.
Update email...: Reset a failed email address, or subscribe/unsubscribe the selected people from email.
Update SMS...: Reset a failed Mobile number, or subscribe/unsubscribe the selected people from SMS.
Update gender...: Update the gender of the selected people.
Delete selected people: Delete all the selected people.



Household reports gives you the ability to view notes for family members.



The history tab displays all the people that have viewed this household and all the changes that have been made.


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