Changing sms settings


At the top right of the screen, tap on your name and tap Settings in the menu, then on the settings page tap SMS.


Before you can send SMS through UCare, you first need to request the SMS service is enabled. We need to register your church before you can send SMS. Also, please note that sending SMS messages does incur a cost.

You can register for a named Sender Id (e.g., MyChurch); this will make it easy for people to recognize where a message is from though they won't be able to reply to those messages. If you have a Clickatell Americas account, then this will be the number that was assigned to you when you registered for the service.

Note: Named Sender Id's are available in many countries, but not all, for example, the USA and Canada.

Note: You can increase the max length of SMS messages, but as the length increases, so does the price of sending the messages.

Note: The SMS report button is located on the top right of this page. Clicking the button will allow you to download a summary of who has been sending SMS messages and how many. Many churches use this to assign costs to different department budgets.

Tip: If you are using the UCare app on your phone, then you will be able to send SMS using your phone credit instead of using our delivery service. If you have unlimited SMS on your phone plan, then SMS won't cost you anything.


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