Name tag printer setup & Troubleshooting


UCare currently supports the DYMO 400, 450, and Wireless series label printers.

To print from the UCare app on your phone or tablet, use the Brother Wireless printers.

For churches requiring the fastest, most reliable printing option, UCare supports Zebra printers. Please contact support so we can assist you with which devices and software you need.

For DYMO printers download and install the DYMO Label Software to start printing.

Note: Ensure you are using version DYMO Label Software 8.7.5 or later on macOS. On Windows, you need version DYMO Label Software 8.7.3.

Note: On Windows, DYMO is offering the newer DYMO Connect software, we support version 1.3.2 and later. DYMO has changed their label designs, so if you are using the DYMO Connect software, please contact support so that we can update your labels.

Note: The DYMO LabelWriter Wireless printer model does not support printing directly from an iOS or Android device. Once DYMO releases this capability for third parties, we will work to support it, but for the time being, these printers still need to connect wirelessly to a Mac or PC. The Mac or PC then acts as a print station that iOS and Android devices can print to.

What labels should you use?
UCare supports DYMO’s 30256 or 99014 shipping labels by default, they can be purchased from many office supply outlets, but costs are significantly less when buying them in bulk from sites like eBay or Amazon.


  • Each month a cleaning card should be run through each DYMO label printers to keep the devices working optimally.
  • Ensure that labels are loaded correctly and that users are gentle when removing printed labels.
  • If an additional label printer is installed, the previous printer may need to be uninstalled for printing to work correctly.
  • If you are using Windows 8.1, ensure the correct updates are installed.
  • Please read Troubleshooting Tips if you are experiencing any other problems printing.
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