Browse meetings


To browse meetings, tap Meetings in the left-hand navbar.


Meetings display, by month. If you pick another month from the drop-down, it will update the list of meetings.

Tip: You can filter meetings based on the group type: E.g., Church, Small group, Youth, Young Adults. You can also filter meetings by month.

Tip: If you open each meeting in a new tab, then you will be able to keep your place in the list as you browse through meetings. You can open meetings in a new tab by holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) before clicking on the meeting.

If you check the boxes to the left of each group, you'll get the following bulk action options when you click the Actions menu::

Change group or event...: Change the group or event the selected meetings are attached to.
Change meeting time...: Change the start and end times of the selected meetings.
Change meeting repeat...: Change how often the selected meetings repeat.
Change meeting restrictions...: Change which security areas are applied to the selected meetings.
Duplicate selected meetings: Create a copy of each of the selected meetings.
Delete selected meetings: Delete all the selected meetings.


Subscribe to meetings

On the top right of the Groups page, you can find a button to Subscribe to the meetings in UCare to your favorite calendar app.

You can subscribe to your meetings so that you receive reminders on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Tapping on subscribe should open your calendar app. Here are two articles that help with adding your meetings to Google calendar or calendar.

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