Event Check In


How do you check that the people arriving for your event have the right ticket and haven't just printed the same ticket multiple times? With UCare, it's easy using your smartphone, first install the UCare app and sign in.

Next, browse to the event and tap the "Check in" option located in the top right, and the event check-in search page will open. You can search for the person by name, phone, or booking number.

If using the booking number, you can also include the ticket number. For example, 99.3 is the third ticket for booking # 99. You can find the booing number above the QR code on attendees' tickets.

On your phone, the quickest option is to tap the QR code icon to the right of the search box, then simply point the camera at the QR code on the ticket.



Tickets can be displayed on the attendee's smartphone or printed. If you are having trouble getting the camera to scan the tickets on the attendee's phone, then ask them to increase the brightness of their phone and zoom into the QR code. The QR code is displayed in the left of tickets and looks like this:



After you scan or select tickets on the search page, the check-in confirmation page displays.

You can check the booking is paid, and the check-in count for each ticket. If the ticket has been checked in more than once, it may mean they have printed the same ticket multiple times, in which case it is suggested that the attendee is sent to your information desk to clarify.

If you want to print name tags or pick up security tickets, first set up a check-in kiosk with a printer connected to it. Then on your smartphone, select that kiosk to print to and select which type of labels you want to print. UCare will remember these settings for the next ticket you scan to helps speed up the check-in process.

Once you have checked the attendee's booking, select the tickets you are checking in and tap Check in.

Tip: If you are testing the event check-in process, then you will need to create a meeting. The event check-in page requires you to select the meeting time you are checking the attendee in to, so your test meeting will need to start when you are doing the testing.


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