Add an event ticket type


Adding a ticket type to an event will allow people to book tickets. Some examples of ticket types you may want are "General admission," VIP, "Dietary Requirements," "Under 12s", "Restricted mobility." If your event is at a larger venue that has seating sections, then Section A, B, C, D, etc. may also be appropriate.

Seating capacity defines how many tickets are available, and once those ticket type tickets are booked, the ticket type will no longer be available on the event booking page. However, those with Event access in UCare will still be able to add a booking for that ticket type. Leave the ticket price as 0 for free tickets.

If you specify an open date, then tickets will not be available for that ticket type until after the open date. Likewise, if you specify a close date, then tickets for that ticket type will not be available after the close date.

Tip: If you want people to be able to register still after the event starts, then specify an available close time after the event starts.

If a ticket type is not visible, then it won't be available on the event booking page that is displayed on your website or in the portal; this can be useful for things like VIP tickets.

Your confirmation message is typically added to your event, but if there is information specific to this ticket type, enter it in the "Confirmation message" field.

Link to forms if you need to collect extra info from people who register for this ticket type.

Link to processes if there are extra steps that need to be tracked for this ticket type. For example, a VIP ticket holder may need to be picked up from the airport; the steps to coordinate this can be tracked using a process.

Link to Discount codes to enable those codes for this ticket type. For example, you could have a "Student" discount code that, when entered, reduces the cost of Student tickets by 50%.

Some ticket types will require you to charge a tax. Tickets that are mainly providing spiritual value are typically tax-free, but a Lunch ticket may incur tax.


More details

If you tap more details, it will display these more advanced fields.

Release after hides the ticket type until the ticket type specified is full. This option can be useful if the venue has several seating sections, and you only want to release extra seating when the available sections are full. If the other ticket type is called "Section A," then simply enter "Section A," and this ticket type will remain hidden until Section A is full.

The next two fields are useful if you want to cap ticket pricing. They are best explained with some examples.

  • Example 1: You have set the ticket price to $25 but want to make every fifth ticket free if you enter 5 "For every X tickets" and $100 for the max price, then five tickets will cost $100, and ten tickets will cost $200.
  • Example 2: You've set the ticket price to $10 but want to make your event affordable for families of four or more. If you enter 10 "For every X tickets" and $35 for the max price, then families of up to 10 people will pay a maximum of $35 to attend the event.

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