View, edit, refund and cancel event bookings


Bookings can be found on the event's booking tab or the bookings tab on a person's profile.

On the event page, you can search for them by booking number or the name of the person who made the booking.

The booking page shows when the booking was made, the payment type, and the tickets booked. The number next to the booking name (in this case the number 4 next to John Smith) is the booking number that was provided to the person when they made the booking; you can use it to look up their booking quickly.


The top right commands include the following options depending on your access level. These options may be displayed under the ... options button if you are using a device with a small screen:

The SMS and email options let you send a message to the person who made the booking; it doesn't let you contact everyone listed.

If the booking payment was via a credit card and processed by Stripe, then you can refund the payment directly back to the credit card. You can find this option next to the payment type.

Note: Stripe does not refund the fee they charge to process a payment. For example, if you refund a $10 booking, Stripe will still charged you 47.5c.


When editing a booking, the Detail field can be used to add a note. You can also change the type of each ticket, or add extra people to the booking.

Tip: If you need to move the booking to a different event, then select that event in the "Move to" field, then click Save.

Tip: To cancel a booking and make the tickets available to others, simply delete the booking.



If you are an admin, the history tab displays all the people that have viewed this booking and all the changes made. For non-admins, the history tab show's all your updates to the booking.


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